3 Reasons: Why Indian fans hate Rohit Sharma

Love and hate are analogous of two sides of the same coin. People love you by seeing your good deeds, at the same time you just cannot escape from the other side of the coin. However, love gives you joy and encouragement not hate.

Rohit Sharma is one of the cricketers has tasted both love and hate. In fact, he faced more of hate than love from his fans. He is a classy elegant batsman to watch and he is pleasing to the eyes, however, it does not work with fans who want you to see fulfil their desires all the time.

Those are the days Rohit was called as ‘Maggie-Man’ by Indian fans. Because of his short tenure in the 22 yard. His talent was recognized but his nervous to use it on big stage left him out the Indian side more than often. I think there was a phase when he was consistently not scoring but was not dropped and also every time he batted commentators would go “talented Rohit” and stuff. So people got frustrated. They wanted someone else to get a chance (in that time it was Manoj Tiwary, Uthappa etc.) whenever he failed to score big, Dhoni is the man who was backing him, and he has had an immense trust on Rohit’s skill to make it to the big stage one day.

Now, you could ask me, is Rohit an overrated player?

No, he isn’t overrated. He’s definitely a very good player. But at the same time, he’s not someone who is among the current best in the world either who could play all over the world. We have seen him plunder records in the recent past. He holds the record of most Double centuries by a batsman in ODIs, also the Highest score by a player in ODI history. I dare, No one can call him over-rated but we can call him an ‘over-chanced’ player.

Fans do hate Rohit Sharma, Despite despite achieving tremendous glory for his country, is hated much more than, that an average flopped player receives. Why? Why? Why? Now we take on to this account to give you the 3 reasons, that why fans hate Rohit.

1. He is a sub-continent bully

One of the most liked reasons that haters usually could say is Rohit is his fear of facing fast tracks. He has thrived in recent times as an established opener. In the recent past, he has created many of ODI records using his ability to make big runs consistently. All of his mammoth runs and records came in flat Indian deck. However, to address Rohit’s success in ODIs just to flat wickets would be unfair as he has had many horrendous outcomes in bouncier decks and green-tops over the years.

What do stats say?

Yes, the same. In ODIs He has averages 59.71 in home condition whereas its mere 38.55 in overseas condition. Wait, if you subtract his performance in SL and Bangladesh, It comes down to near 30. Is it a good average for blistering opening batsmen who have scored three double centuries in ODI cricket? No and Never. In addition to the point, he scored his two(268,208) of three double tons against his bunny Srilankan side which also came in Indian flat deck.

Sadly, all these mammoth numbers getting themselves settle into the warehouse when he lands ground in South Africa. In South Africa, he just scored 256 runs in 13 ODI innings averages 19.69 in a subdued strike rate of 68.45. A little oblique move of the 5-ounce leather gets him in an uncomfortable position, time and again it goes unfulfilled. He never fails to satisfy his haters In Green-tops too. He just added 188 runs at the rate of 68.12 for hundred balls in green-top New Zealand.

While his fans waiting in awe to see him scoring, he does his Maggi-man things to return to the pavilion in two minutes in fearsomely green-tops, which a fan of a star batsman would never want to see his hero struggles to face green-top.

Then there comes the question, Is he really made 264* in an ODI? People doubt him, Rohit fails in Bouncy tracks, People hate him and so on the cycle.

2. His worst selection of shots in pressure times


One of the of the good reasons that why Rohit has gained a lot of haters in the recent past. You could come across to see people saying – I don’t hate him, I’m just frustrated with him. I’ve been following him since he made his debut. Has got every ingredient that required to be one of the greatest, But throws it away with some atrocious shot selection. That’s what the exact case here.

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He is supremely talented enough to play all days of a test match. When all the experts say this, then there must be something special in him that they see. He seems to have a lot of time to play his shots. has all the shots, times the ball beautifully and looks very stylish too.

His problem is temperamental. He gets impatient when the runs dry up and play a pre-meditated shot. He Showed us a glimpse of the said character in the second ODI against England held in Lords two days back. He did the same thing in the series decider (July.17) against England. Time and again he failed by his disagreeable shot – he flicked a ball nowhere to be meant to do a flick and caught by Mark Wood just inside the boundary line. It was a result of pressure made by previous 10 balls that denied him to get going in his flow eventually he hoicked it down to long leg. Who knows it might cost India a series as he is the man who has a habit of playing good knocks in the deciders.

He also pre-meditates against bowlers who are not considered that good. He does not need to pre-meditate, he has all the time in the world and all the shots in the book. Once he sorts this out, he’ll be unstoppable. But will he ever? He’s been around for 7-8 years now.

He dilutes himself with the pressure raising, and his real character opens up here. He really exposes himself under pressure. Why doesn’t his lazy elegance work in conditions which don’t suit his temperament? Thus, he gains a lot of ‘Technically Correct’ haters.

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3. He never looks motivated

Looks silly? But get on to read further, you could find up a reason here. We have seen the athletic Rohit when his started to play the International cricket. In the early days of his IPL career, he was one of the best fielders in the country. As years pass he never looks to be athletic like he did it back in his initial days. And the worst part is he stopped to look motivated, He looks dizzy. And it is not about his looks, it completely about his athleticism on the field.


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In this energetic young Indian team, comprehends the likes of Virat, Hardik, Dhawan, Umesh – one does not simply look to be lazy. That gives a reason to hate Rohit specifically to his haters. Have you ever seen Rohit Sharma take the guard in a match and wonder where is all the energy and why does he look so torn-up when he is fresh to the crease?

Let me tell you that the commentators and admirers have on-aired us to believe that it is all part of his ‘Lazy elegance’ technique but in all probity, when it comes to Fielding part it really looks like a really feeble-minded way to field especially in intense situations when all your mates putting all their heart out to save runs.

Well, If you guys sound with some genuine reasons to hate Rohit, you please put down in the comment box.

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