5 Reasons why 90’s kids enjoyed the cricket the most

Today’s generation have more access to cricket via so many mediums, However 90’s kids had have enjoyed the cricket the most and here are the five reasons why 90’s kids enjoyed the cricket.


  1. Pain to know the score:

Unlike today it was very difficult to know the cricket score as they don’t have access to the internet. When they walk  back to home from school or college they will be praying inside that sachin shouldn’t have got out and it’s always cricket on their mind.


  1. Street cricket after TV cricket:

Kids of these generation after watching cricket they will go for party or will keep surfing their mobile phone, However 90’s kids after watching cricket they will take bat will go and play cricket on the ground or street and the most enjoying part is they will try to play shots that they saw on TV if it comes good nothing can match the those feelings.


  1. Our room walls filled with cricket posters:

We have so many option these days to store photos of cricketers we love but those days our room wall was the only place, where we use to store our beloved cricketers by sticking their posters on the wall though our parents scold us for doing this, still we will not allow anyone to touch these posters.


  1. Sachin Tendulkar Era:

Probably the best reason why 90’s kids enjoyed the cricket the most is because it was Sachin Tendulkar era. People use to switch off the tv whenever he got out and If someone tell us India lost one wicket, The next question is “ Sachin still batting? “ it was one man who entertained the whole generation.


  1. Less Cricket but more fun:


These days there are so much of cricket.  Tests then ODI’s then T20’s then T20 leagues its like cricket throughout the year, But those days we will have to wait for more days  as only less cricket matches played but it was more fun. That’s why they use to say anything which exceeds the limit will loose the importance.

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