5 records Virat Kohli is unlikely to break

Kohli is currently one of the best batsmen in the world, but even he may not be able to break these records.

India traveled to South Africa after a dream run in the Indian subcontinent. It was the visitors’ best chance to win a Test series in the African nation as they had match-winning players in both batting and bowling departments.

Unfortunately for the visitors, they lost the series because of a collective batting failure. But even though the Proteas bowlers kept most of the Indian batsmen at bay, Virat Kohli came out with flying colors, scoring 286 runs at an average of 47.66.

He had a Bradmanesque ODI series as well. The Indian captain led from the front and made 558 runs, including three centuries at a stunning average of 186 and a strike-rate of 99.46. Riding on Kohli’s heroics, India won the series 5-1.

Kohli’s current form in all formats is unmatched and if he maintains the same, he will break a plethora of records. However, there are some records he might never break in his career.

Let us take a look at those and the rationale behind the aforementioned statement:

#1 Best Test batting average: Sir Don Bradman, 99.94

This requires no explanation. Let alone Kohli, even the modern-day Test giant Steven Smith, who averages a staggering 63.75, will never get near this number.

Given Kohli’s current average is 53.40, it will require exemplary consistency for him to even get near that record. With 8-9 years of cricket left in him, it is unlikely that he’ll ever get to within touching distance of Bradman’s feat.

#2 Most sixes in intentional cricket: Shahid Afridi, 476

Kohli has hit 162 sixes so far in his international career, and requires a mammoth 315 sixes more to break Afridi’s record.

Kohli is a player who loves to play the ball along the ground, like most technically sound batsmen. Even in T20s, he prefers to hit the ball along the ground. ODIs and Tests are no exceptions either.

Kohli takes risks only when absolutely necessary. This clearly indicates that the probability of him hitting sixes in an innings is low and hence he might not reach Afridi’s mark by the time he hangs up his boots.

#3 Highest Test score: Brian Lara, 400

The India captain can score 400 runs in a Test innings only if he plays for a draw under certain circumstances, which is very unlikely. For instance, if you were to ask him, “Would you like to take home a century or an Indian win?”, he would prefer the latter.

One day, he might hit a triple century, but 400 seems out of the equation given his attitude towards victory.

#4 Fastest ODI century: AB de Villiers, 31 balls

Kohli is a player who likes to construct his innings and he strongly believes in running between the wickets rather than hitting big sixes. He always places a high price on his wicket and you will rarely see him go for big shots early in his innings.

A 30-ball hundred could be possible if the target is huge and he plays in a similar manner to the innings (133* off 86 balls) he played at Hobart in Australia against Sri Lanka. However, the chances of this happening are slim.

#5 Most international fifties: Sachin Tendulkar, 164

In ODIs, Kohli has converted eight of his last 11 half-centuries into centuries. It is no different in Tests either. In the longest format, he has converted eight of his last 12 half-centuries into centuries.

The Delhiite’s conversion rate has been incredible over the past few years. He has hit more hundreds than fifties since becoming Test captain.

Kohli has 80 half centuries and 56 centuries in international cricket. These statistics indicate that he could break the record for most centuries, but definitely not the record for most fifties.

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