About Us

by brokencricket

We have a clear mission: to make cricket accessible to everyone in India, from Mumbai to Meerut, from urban to rural, from metropolitan to suburban. To create our own niche, we will be focusing entirely on Indian cricket, but we will also keep you informed about cricket outside India.

We want to serve fans in regions where a television set can be hard to reach or in places where English isn’t widely spoken. There is a relatively simple solution to do in that in a culturally-diverse country – bringing cricket to you in your native language. We’ve launched Hindi and Tamil on our social media accounts, and we’ll strive to add several more vernacular languages as we grow.

Even though it’s a popular form of content, we won’t be posting images of famous players with their family members at dinner, for example, to gain additional views or likes or followers. Instead, we will redirect resources to diversify our services with journalistic integrity.

That is our promise.

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