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Adam Gilchrist don’t want to change this in test cricket

A few months ago, ICC had a plan to scrap the toss from test cricket, later they made a decision to keep the toss. However, few top cricketers had their own opinion.

Allan Border and Faf Du Plessis want to have few tests without a toss as a trial, On the other hand, the Australian wicketkeeper is not with changing the traditional way of playing test cricket

Here is what he had quoted in

I think we’re just going through a phase where teams aren’t as good overseas and then it goes in fits and spurts,”

“Another era will turn up and dominate overseas. I just think; do we have to change everything about history?”

‘It isn’t the coin toss

“Australia and England on their last tours to India – out of eight (nine) Test matches, six (seven) tosses were won by the touring team and as you do in India you bat first, and they both lost three out of the four games,”

“Sri Lanka plays their home conditions well. We’ve got to not worry about that and sharpen up on better up-skilling and go over there and be better in those conditions.”

He might be right because too much tickling and changing the old game of sport might have an adverse effect.

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