Beauty of 183 in Indian Cricket

Cricket is always connected with numbers and stats. Those numbers are one of the main identifications for the players in their career. Cricket fans always get excited when dealing with numbers of their favourite players. There are some unique numbers in the history of the game which are celebrated and remembered by fans over generations. For example, the cap number 408 of Phil Hughes is considered as an emotion for fans all over the Cricketing nations.  Then the jersey number 10 of Master Blaster is an emotion for the Indian fans. Also, some numbers are considered as unlucky too. Jersey no 13 is considered as unlucky in many cricketing nations. On 24th June Indian fans are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their first world cup win where India won the match by defending “183” against West Indies lets have a look on the connection between 183 and Indian Cricket Team.

World cup win in 1983

India won their first ever world cup by defending just 183 runs in the final against the might WestIndians who was the top side at that time. India was bowled out for 183 runs in 54.4 overs. In return WestIndies managed to score 14o runs and lost the match by 43 runs. This was the first time when 183 connected with the Indian Cricket Team.

Sourav Ganguly

The name Sourav Ganguly cannot be forgotten by Indian fans. He is the one who took Indian cricket team into the right path after the match-fixing scandals. The foundation built during his captaincy period is remarkable. In 1999 world cup in a match between defending champions Srilanka Ganguly went on to score 183 runs which were a career turning knock for him. This is also his career best ODI score. In that match, Ganguly-Dravid duo scored the first ever 300 run partnership in ODI cricket of 318 runs. Consequently, India won the match comfortably.

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni the name is enough to say the records, the most successful captain of Indian Cricket Team. After his debut in 2004, he had some brilliant back to back series with the bat. After six years of Dada’s knock of 183 against Srilanka, Ms Dhoni scored the same score against the same opponent but this time during chasing. When chasing 299 after the early wicket Sachin Tendulkar, he was promoted to the no.3 position. With the help of his blistering knock India managed to win the match by 4 wickets and chasing a score of 300 is not an easy job at that time. Till now this is his career-best score.

Virat Kohli

King Kohli the current best batsman of Indian cricket team and the skipper of the team also features in the unique number record. During the Asia cup in 2012 in a match between their arch-rivals Pakistan when chasing 330 the chase master scored 183 runs which helped India to chase the target easily. India won the match by 6 wickets with 13 balls to spare. Up to date, this is his career-best score.

Apart from the 183 in 1983 world cup other three instances are connected with the best career scores of three best Indian batsmen and captains. All three of them are the most important players in the history of Indian cricket team. Let’s see can we get more instances related to this unique number in future.

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