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C̶a̶p̶t̶a̶i̶n̶ Leader Dhoni ( 2007 – 2017 )

Okay take a cup of tea or coffee do spend little time to read this piece about “MS Dhoni the captain. Sorry, LEADER “
Dhoni is someone who always backed his instincts and he proved that on many big occasions and I will share some of his worthy decisions.
1. Gave the over to Joginder Sharma instead of leading spinner in 2007 WT20 finals
2. Promoted himself ahead of Yuvi when Yuvi had dream run in 2011 World cup finals.
3. Gave Ishant Sharma crucial over when he was leaking the runs in 2013 Champions Trophy.
4. Asked Ishant to bowl bouncer when even he was not confident to bowl in 2014 Lord’s Test
5. Taking out the gloves before he made that historical run out vs Bangladesh In 2016 WT20
I don’t have to explain the impact of these decisions but just imagine even if one of these decision had gone wrong every one of us would have turned the sword towards him. That’s how the society works when you succeed they will keep you on the head but when you fail they will throw you to the dustbin. The good thing about Dhoni is he never worried about what people will say if the decision goes wrong he just believed in his instincts and proceed with that which is why we were able to witness the captain who won all three ICC trophies.
When Dhoni took over the captaincy he was so young at the same time he had to lead some of the iconic Indian players likes of Sachin, Dravid, Sehwag, Ganguly and laxman which is not at all easy task as its written here. He should listen to their ideas at the same time he should politely turn down their ideas if he is not convinced, I think Dhoni balanced this well.
When cricket is all about flamboyant batting and furious bowling, Dhoni is someone who always believed that fielding plays the vital part in the game. That’s why his team mostly had 3 to 4 good fielders and they were always placed in the key fielding areas. This is something unnoticed but made a huge impact whenever India won. He always gives attention to small things but most of the leaders won’t give eventually they fail because of that.
Dhoni’s press conference is always fun, the kind of replies he gives to journalist who ask inappropriate questions always takes the headline. Whenever there is Dhoni’s press conference I always give it a full read and 90% of the times there were few lines which were extremely sarcastic made me laugh and of course it would have made that particular journalist to think about it. Mostly his replies were on target.
There is always one trend in Cricket that if you take the captaincy it affects your batting, Even the greats like Sachin, Ganguly, Lara and Viv Richards struggled with the bat when they took leadership but in Dhoni case it happened exactly the opposite. Yes his ODI Batting average as Non captain is 44.23 but as Captain 53.93 which shows his strong mentality and he always led by example.
Captain Dhoni had an opportunity to shine as Batsman, because in past 6 to 7 years he was one of the top 5 best limited over batsman but for the team sake he always batted down the order. India benefited enough from captain Dhoni but India missed lot Dhoni as Batsman. Now Captain Dhoni is retired and every one of us waiting to see that old Dhoni. I wish he should grow back the long hair.
Before he leaves cricket I would like to see one Dhoni inning with long hair in his old swag.
Note: If you see any flaws in my English leave the feedback politely.

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