Dale Steyn- Undisputedly The Best of the Bowlers of All Times

Dale Steyn. Not only me or few fans but the whole cricketing fraternity considers him as the best bowler in international cricket, not only in the present generation but in the whole of cricket. Well enough said about Dale Steyn the reason why i love him is the passion and aggression he has on the feild to perform and being humble and a great personality of the feild.
Dale Steyn evokes a certain kind of excitment. I remember first watching a cricket match in 2010 South Africa vs India series and since then the reason of me watching cricket has turned to be Dale Steyn. He has shown his class with the bowl in all platforms be it test cricket or ODI’s or T20I’s or IPL. People now a days say that Dale Steyn’s carrer as a white ball bowler has ended up but I say with an economy of 4.87 an over and 175 wickets in the one day format 58 wickets with 6.73 in T20I and 92 wickets in IPL he is a superstar.
Dale Steyn has a plenty of aggression. The pace the swing the line the lenght he bowls is loved by all and even only some idiots maybe there who hate Dale Steyn.
Dale Steyn has conquered the world. I wasn’t but still it turns up a dream for me to be a part of the feild on each of the 639 international wickets of his. He will be remembered as the most fierce bowler in the history of cricket and that will be a victory not only for him but also for a fan like me.
The main reason why i turned not into a cricket fan but a cricket lover is Steyn.Well to be honest i cried a lot when he has hit for that six in semi final of 2015 WC and seeing you lying helpless on the ground was one of the saddest moments of my life. Steyn’s life as a crickter has drastically changed after that as people consider him to be a test match bowler now but our very own Steyn Guns or Steyn Remover is still the best in the business. When he warmed the ipl benches for almost two seasons now i was warming my minds over the captains.
Then whole lot of injuries in the successive tours have denied us from seeing Dale Steyn in action. Then the Glamarong stint of yours made me dance but telecast issues made a hell out of our mood.
If you see all the bowlers of the current generation have kneeled down to Steyn some even saying it with pride that Dale Steyn is the best bowler of our generation and some greats saying he is not just the best of his generation but one amongst the best this world has produced.
I am proud enough to say that Dale Steyn is every thing to me. My ultimate cricketing hero the one whose videos i look back for the one for whom i can fight any person in the world if some one says something offensive. Be it 2004 your first match or 2016 your current matches he has a fan who will always support him.
If Dale Steyn has millions of fans i am one amongst them
If Dale Steyn has only one fan its surely me.
And if Dale Steyn has no fan this means im dead.

Being on the top has not been his habbit. The rise to fame was a process of hardwork determination skill talent and aggression. He had to struggle till 2006 but since then the fate was written by him only. He had reached the top of table ranking in all the 3 formats only seamer playing in international cricket currently to have a rank of top 5 atleast once in all three formats of the game.

People now say that magic of Steyn has gone and he also has slipped in ranks as a test match bowler but for that information the last full fledged test match that Steyn played was a boxing day test in 2014 where he had 6/34 to his name. He still is a part of top 10 Odi bowler ranking despite so called bad seasons.

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