Dravid Or Tendulkar ..Who is the best Test batsman for India

When it comes to Cricket in India one associates it with millions of hearts for whom it is not just a game but a religion followed even more religiously than any religion !! And if there is any religion then there will GOD also just like in case of Indian Cricket fans who have given the status to Legendary Sachin Tendulkar and why not he has created a mountain of records which others only dream of ..

Though position of Master Blaster is quite distinct among Indian Cricket fans but still there are many fans and experts who count another Legend at par with Master Blaster if not overall but atleast in Test Cricket..Yes he is no one else but The Wall of Indian Cricket RAHUL DRAVID.

Though Mr Dravid doesn’t have that many centuries or runs but still he is the only second Indian Cricketer to have scored 10000+ runs in both the formats after Tendulkar(He is also second when it comes to No.of Centuries scored by Indian players )* 

But Now comes the Million dollar question which experts and fans have debated for long i.e Who is the best ever test batsman India has ever produced Tendulkar or Dravid ? 

For answer let’s do some analysis about test stats of both the legends :-

✓Arriving seven years after Tendulkar, and having played 30 Tests fewer, Dravid still managed to score more runs than Tendulkar in India’s Test wins overseas. He also averages more than any other Indian batsman in overseas Test victories and draws.

✓In Dravid’s time at the crease, India won 15 Tests overseas (excluding the ones against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe) and Dravid was Man of the Match in six of those whereas the same no.for Tendulkar is 13 test wins and only one Man of match award

✓Since Dravid’s debut in 1996, India has won or drawn 11 Test series overseas (excluding Bangladesh and Zimbabwe), and Dravid was the chief architect in more than a third of those — Man of the Series when Ganguly’s India held Steve Waugh’s Australia in Australia after 16 long years; Man of the series when India held Nasser Hussain’s England in England after 18 years; Man of the Series when we beat Brian Lara’s West Indies in the West Indies after 35 years; Man of the Match in the series decider against Pakistan in Pakistan when we beat them for the first time since the two countries were free in 1947.https://www.google.co.in/search?q=sachin+and+Dravid+career+stats+from+1996+to+2012&client=ms-android-xiaomi&prmd=niv&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiIlquTnPzXAhULsY8KHfzLDdcQ_AUIEigC&biw=360&bih=564#imgrc=CAjfLpgOGkNUaM:

✓Another mighty fact is India had lost only one Test when Dravid had scored a hundred before 2011 England series and he had scored 30 of them by then.

That’s the kind of stat that would be hard to match, even for a Tendulkar. Sure, Tendulkar has more runs across the board, a higher average across the board and a hundred hundreds ,Yet for all the truth that an in-depth analysis of stats may offer, it will be a grave injustice to size up Dravid by that alone.How do you measure the value he provided in times of desperation? He wasn’t the man of the match for his 180 in Kolkata or his 93 in Perth; and rightfully so

How do you measure the indomitability in those performances? Not even his most ardent supporter would claim that he was a great one-day player, in spite of his ten thousand runs. Yet, remarkably, here, too, he managed to come to the party when it mattered the most — his World Cup averages are the highest for an Indian across all World cups (Though it has nothing to do with his stature in test cricket Just a little bit of info.about his contributions😊)

One of the few things that is acknowledged about Dravid is that he is a team man. But, still, it’s an aspect of Dravid that cannot be stressed enough. He has kept wickets when the team couldn’t find a decent wicketkeeper-batsman, most notably in India’s glorious run at the 2003 World Cup.

In ODIs, he has batted from positions one to eight, without so much of a fuss. More extraordinarily, in Tests, where the No. 3 spot was his to own, he has opened the innings to accommodate Yuvraj Singh at No. 6 or to fill in for Virender Sehwag or to make way for VVS Laxman when his own form wasn’t up to scratch.

Has Tendulkar ever given up his number four position? In any situation? Well that might sound bit too harsh but isn’t it true !!

With all these facts and figures I sign off but not before quoting another Legend “Tendulkar is great but Dravid is not far..Indian Cricket Fans didn’t give Dravid his due” Glenn McGrath 

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