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Exclusive Interview with Jatin Sapru ‘A Man who lives the dream life of every Cricket fan’

Jatin Sapru in BangaluruCricket is a religion for people in India. In such a country 10 years ago every kid wanted to be a cricketer and to be the next Sachin Tendulkar, If that fails then they wanted to be an analyst like Harsha Bhogle.

But nowadays kids want to become the next Virat Kohli and later if they fail they dream to become the next Jatin Sapru. Almost every cricket fan in the world wants to live a life like him, just wake up in the morning, watch cricket and sleep. Jatin Sapru is living the life which fans dream to live but is it just the luck factor or a strong struggle. Let’s know some of his life insights.

Jatin Sapru in Bangalore With Indian Cricket Team. (2nd from left)

Here Are The Excerpts :

Q. Tell us about your childhood and early life.

” My childhood was with complete ups and downs, My family had relocated from Kashmir to Delhi, our primary reason behind relocating was scarce job opportunities and increasing Terrorism in the Kashmir region. My father started finding a job in Delhi, he worked in many circumstances and then settled. “

Q. Why did you choose such an offbeat career like anchoring?

“Actually I first chose to engineer as my career and after one year dropped of the engineering studies and started journalism. Then I contested in the ‘ESPN Dream Job’ and eventually won it, I won’t call it as an offbeat career because almost 50 million people in this country want to live a life like me but it took me a lot of efforts to reach this peak, My Father wanted me to become an Engineer, I had been constantly trying to convey scope for anchoring for more than 2 years. “

Q: What was the turning point of the life?

” Espn Dream Job”

Q: If not an anchor, which career would you be pursuing now?

” I will be surely in the advertising field, I had participated in various advertisement making contests in my college and won many of them. I used to play contests like making ads in 1 minutes and Ad Mad competitions. Sometimes I made pamphlets and stick them everywhere, so advertising was my second choice. “

Q: You have covered cricket for a long time, what was your favourite cricketing moment?

” The favourite moment was MS Dhoni’s winning six in the Final match of Cricket World Cup 2011, Unfortunately, I was not covering that match but I was still was there in the stadium enjoying that game. The moment which I covered and is close to my heart was Sachin Tendulkar‘s 200th Test match, When Sachin started his farewell speech I was hardly 15-20 feet away from him and it was just a goosebumps moment for me”

Q: What is the first thing you would do if you ever get a chance to get your hands on Time Machine?

” I would take myself in the 70s era and watch sir Garfield Sobers and Sunil Gavaskar play live because watching videos won’t match up that experience and joy. At that time I would listen to music by visiting all the concerts and just enjoy my life.”

Q: who are your role models in your life?

” My Father and also my Mother are role models for my life and for my cricketing career Alan Wilkins is my role model “

Q. How do you deal with social media trolls and other fake news?

” We completely ignore all those things. Social media is a place to fun and enjoy, we should never get involved in any targeted harassment or not get mad over getting followers on social media after all you are known to people by your personality and your good being not by your social media status. I see that after 10 years from now social media would be the major cause of depressions and suicides. “

Rapid Fire Questions :

Q: One guy with whom you wish to have a selfie.

“Sir Don Bradman”

Q: Your Favourite holiday destination in India

“Kashmir and Goa”

Q. One bad habit you want to get rid of?

” I don’t follow the time and deadlines, I would love to get rid of that habit”

Q: the Most Mischievous guy in the Indian cricket team.

” No one could be called as mischievous but Hardik Pandya is a big prankster, Bhuvi is a funny guy and Umesh Yadav is a big movie buff “

Q: the Most Mischievous guy in the Broadcast Team.

” Virender Sehwag and even VVS Laxman is now getting added to the list”

Q. A co-host for the show, Gaurav Kapur or Arjun Pandit.

“If I would be doing the show for online streaming then it would be Arjun Pandit and for TV show it will be Gaurav. Gaurav was also the anchor of ESPN Dream Job show which changed my life “

” But Mayanti Langer would be my first choice”

Q: How would you describe your life in one word.

” Blessed.”

Q: All time favourite Cricket player and his favourite inning.

” MS Dhoni is my favourite cricket player and his best knock was against Pakistan in Chennai in 2013, though India was on the losing side it was the best inning.”

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