Fan Quotes

On Sachin:
” Batting is like another language for Sachin, he always answers his critics by this language ” ~ Akram Pasha

On Raina:

” Being good might earn big success but it will definitely earn people’s love ” ~ Rashika

On Dhoni:

” You don’t have to display your emotions to everyone. Sometimes, A smile is enough ” ~ Rashika

On Ashwin:

” When life give you lemons, make them fifers ” ~ Rashika

On Virat Kohli:

” People may have a different opinion about you but at last what you think about yourself is what makes you ” ~ Rashika

On Ravindra Jadeja:

” Through the battle road, Marches the lion with a sword! ” ~ Rashika

ON Dravid:

It won’t be surprising if Mothers started taking lessons on selflessness from Dravid ” ~ Kajal Akshay

On Sachin:

” Commit your Sins When Sachin Playing…Bcoz God is busy in playing ” ~ Kaushik

On Sachin:

Whenever I hear the crowd chanting any cricketer’s name, I automatically hear it as ‘SACHIN…SACHINNN’ ” ~ Pradyuman

On Raina:

” Don’t be gentleman in everything keep something behind you otherwise you will be ignored ” ~ Barani

On Dream:

” Chase your dream like Kohli, build your career like Dravid and finish your haters like Dhoni ” ~ Rahuman

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