Five lies in cricket you believed as a child were true

Tell a child a lie and they will believe you without any doubt, be it a cricket lie or anything else.

Rumours spread faster than anything and as we know, most rumours that are spread are generally false. It just leaves the people in a panicky situation. Over the years, we’ve heard many such lies related to cricket and have even believed them because they were too good to be false.

But as we grow older, we realize that all those rumours we learnt about cricket were just made up stories. There have been numerous lies we have listened and believed as a child. While some of them we have accepted it to be a lie, while some we can’t imagine it to be false and are hellbent on it being true.

Let’s take a look at the five biggest lies in the history of cricket which we once believed were true. Read all of them and let us know in the comments below about which ones you believed were true. Also, let us know your cricket story you believed as a child were true.

#1. “You’ve just dropped the World Cup, mate” – Steve Waugh.

Most cricket lovers might already know this. It was in 1999, the final match of the Super Six stage of the World Cup between Australia and South Africa. Australia was set a daunting 271 to win and reach the semi-finals.

Australia got off to a shaky start and were 3 down for just 48 runs when Steve Waugh came into bat and was greeted with the words “let’s see how he takes the pressure now” by Herschelle Gibbs.

On 56, Waugh offered a simple catch to Gibbs at mid-wicket but the South African was so excited that as he hurled the ball skywards, the ball kissed the turf.

Waugh went on to make a fine ton and helped Australia knock South Africa out. It was learnt that Waugh had gone up to Gibbs and uttered the words, “You’ve just dropped the World Cup, mate”.

Later, Gibbs revealed that he never heard Waugh say those words and Waugh, on the other hand, said: “It’s funny how people start believing in these things”.

#2 286 runs scored off one legal ball

Most of you might have heard this news where 286 runs were scored off one ball! According to an English newspaper way back in 1865 this eventful event had occurred in Bunbury between Western Australia and Victoria.

The Victorians went into bat first and the very first ball was hit into the branches of a tall tree which happened to be inside the cricket ground.

The opponents appealed to a ‘’lost ball’’ situation but the umpires could see the ball vividly and declined the appeal. While all of this took place, the Victorian batsmen had run almost 6 kilometres.

No matter how weird this tale is, there is no concrete evidence available to back this story up and thus is believed to be a cricket myth.

#3 MS Dhoni drinks 5 litres of milk every day.

MS Dhoni is a household name in India for many reasons. But when the man from Ranchi made his international debut for India in 2005, fans across the globe were amazed by his absolute brutal power hitting and quite obviously rumors began to spread.

One such rumor spread that Dhoni drinks 5 litres of milk every day and it is from there that he gets his strength and power to tonk the ball.

Some people even today believe this myth but the man himself, MS Dhoni clarified that he hardly can have a litre of milk, let alone having five.

#4 Ricky Ponting’s usage of a spring bat in 2003

The question of Ponting using a spring bat came into existence after the World Cup final in 2003 when the Aussie skipper blasted 140 runs off just 121 balls against India. These rumours aren’t new to the cricketing world as even the great Sri Lankan Sanath Jayasuriya faced the same music when he tore apart the bowlers in 1996.

Coming back to Ponting’s tale, it was learnt that the Aussie skipper had used a carbon graphite-reinforced bat manufactured by Kookaburra.

A couple of years later, there were claims that Ponting’s bat would be banned by the ICC and MCC. After an immense investigation, it was proved that Ricky Ponting was not guilty and was all rumours that flooded social media.

#5 AB De Villers excelled in many sports

We all know what De Villiers can do with a bat in hand and it also a known fact that during his childhood days, AB used to play many sports such as cricket, rugby, tennis, soccer, badminton, swimming, etc. and what not.

It was believed that De Villiers excelled in all those above sports but in his autobiography “AB: The Autobiography” his response to the above myth about his all-around sports abilities were “falsehoods and exaggerations”.

He further wrote, “I played hockey for one year at high school … but I was never shortlisted for the national hockey squad, or ever came remotely close to that level’.

“I never represented South Africa (in rugby) at any level … and was never a captain.”

“I never played badminton at school.”

And thus, in his own words, AB De Villiers killed all the rumours and made it clear to the world that ABDV does not excel in many sports.

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