Five Reasons why Virat has more Girls fans


The man of the moment, the classy yet absolutely destructive batsman, that is right, I am talking about none other than the nation and cricketing world’s poster boy, Virat Kohli. Having a dream run with the bat for the last few months, this dashing cricketer has not only ruled the cricketing world, but also the hearts of millions of ladies. You can see all the ladies around you going gaga over the test captain’s mere glimpse, and why not? Here are 5 concrete reasons to absolutely adore this flamboyant batsman-

  1. King Kohli of batting

In a time where almost every cricketer is attempting the reverse sweeps and switch hits, Kohli stands by his ability to hit every shot from the text book with utmost elegance and poise. He tears down the opposition with his class and Bradmensque consistency. A guy who is brilliant, committed, dedicated and has tremendous amount of respect for what he does, how can that not make the ladies drool, HOW?

  1. The Bad Boy Image

While on the field, it’s not his batting alone that does the talking. His aggressiveness, an eye for an eye attitude may have earned him some criticism, but when it comes to the opposite gender, we are always said to be attracted to a bad boy, and he is just that. It may be giving the Aussies a taste of their own medicine or getting into a spat with former team mate Gautam Gambhir, Kohli is just too good at being bad.

  1. Respect for the ladies

While he was busy hammering bowlers all around the ground, he could not stand people hammering and trolling his ex-girlfriend Anushka Sharma for his sublime form. Taking to his social media account, he made it a point to stand up for her. Also, message to all the ladies on Women’s’ day was extremely heartwarming.  Who does not like a guy who knows just how much respect we deserve? A thorough gentleman.

  1. Impeccable style and incredible looks

That beautifully carved face, those hairstyles which make even the boys hide, that very well grown beard and of course, that perfectly toned body for which he spends hours in the gym, his charming smile, is it really something I need to bring anyone’s attention to? Add to that the charisma with which he carries both, his tailored suits as well as those denims, and you have the man who can make any girl smile and blush at the mere mention of his name. *ovaries explode*

  1. Humanitarian side

While his aggressiveness and bad boy image have already made any girls have him visit them in their dreams, it is his humanitarian side that has everyone fall in love with him even more, if that is even possible. His message on the disgusting treatment to the horse Shaktiman, his old age home initiative, his heartfelt messages to retiring legends, make him the perfect guy, literally perfect!


While this dashing lad from Delhi is sure to make headlines for his sublime form and class, his off field personality is sure to make many a hearts melt.

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