Gautam Gambhir- The unsung hero

Ask about India’s 2007 T20 world cup win to anyone and you will see him telling you about Joginder sharma’s last over, Sreesanth’s catch,Irfan Pathan’s spell Dhoni’s captaincy. Ask them about 2011 world cup win and they will tell you about Dhoni’s match winning inning, sachin’s dream came true, Zaheer khan’s brilliant spell and Yuvaraj’s innings in the entire world cup. But in both the events what most of us misses is Gambhir’s Contribution. Both the times his innings were overshadowed by many other events of the world cup.


Gambhir’s 75 runs inning in just 54 balls was one of the things that made it possible for india to win the first t20 world cup. Not only this inning but his performance throughout the tournament was impressive as he was the second highest run scorer in it.


Chasing a score of 275 in the 2011 world cup final wasn’t an easy task that to became herculean after losing 2 wickets at a score of mere 31. But Gambhir’s 83 runs partnership with kohli kept India in the game. Gambhir was there on the crease while India made 223 runs and when he got out it was almost India’s game. May be 3 more runs and a century could have made him Man of the match and also him contribution more distinguishable. But only thing we can do now is not forget what he has done for the coutry when we required it the most.


Apart from this, Gambhir is the first Indian batsman to score 11 consecutive half-centuries in 11 Tests and five centuries in five back-to-back Test matches. His opening pair with sehwag is among the best opening pairs of India. But after 2011 world cup, due to fitness and form problems he lost his place in the team which is taken by some players like Rohit sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Lokesh rahul or Murli vijay in tests and ODIs. But Gambhir has continued to show his class in the IPL as a player and also as a captain.


He may not smile much on the field but he has been responsible for the smiles for all the cricket fans in India many times. I would like end with this quote of commentator Harsha Bhogle “If a cricket ground was a battlefield; Gautam Gambhir would have been one of the most fierce warriors.”


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