India’s top 5 best moments when Ravi Shastri on air:

Ravi Shastri is one of the voice of cricket in India. We are going to talk about India’s biggest moments happened when Ravi was commenting on air, Not sure he picks the best moment to voice  or it’s just happening as it is designed, nevertheless he is India’s lucky charm
Ok. Let see the five best moments (Try to Read in Ravi Shastri Voice)

1.    Young Ravi in 1996 World Cup QF:

We all know the epic moment between Amir Sohail vs Venktesh Prasad and I am not going to describe that again. But for a change, I am going to pen what Ravi was commenting on air when this happened.

Amir smashes Prasad over cover for four

Ravi: “and a response from Amir Sohail is magnificent, He is down the track and really it’s been flat batted tennis shot over cover for four “

Prasad bowled Amir the next ball:

Ravi: “Well that’s the answer and that’s the best way you can answer a batsman, Venktesh Prasad has clean bowled Amir Sohail. Sohail losing a bit of concentration having a chat with the bowler and having his half stump peck back next ball “

2. 666666 by Yuvraj Singh:

20007 World T20 vs England Yuvraj Singh became the first player to unleash six 6’s in one over and the unfortunate bowler was Stuart Broad. Andrew Flintoff sledge against Yuvraj helped to the extent to make this happen. Now let’s see what Ravi Shastri was commenting for each six

First Six
Ravi: “That’s HUGE, that is a biggie it’s out of here “
Second Six
Ravi: “Six more, Just a flick of the wrist and way he goes into the crowd “
Third Six
Ravi: “This is in the air again clears long off three in a row “
Fourth Six
Ravi: “Now around the wicket will it a make any difference, it doesn’t four in a row. “
Fifth Six
Ravi: “ Fiveeee… yesss thirty with one ball to go, could he make it six out of six “
Sixth Six
Ravi: “Last ball of the over and he has put it away or has he, yes into the crowed six 6’s in an over, Yuvraj Singh finishes off things in style”

3. First ever ODI double century:
It took quite a while to see first double century in men’s ODI cricket, I believe all of them waiting for the god to taste the first double century as soon as he hits the one all started following him with quite a few double centuries in next few years and yet again It was Ravi Shastri on air during this miracle.

Sachin Batting on 99* pushed to the point for a single
Ravi: “Gets there second vs South Africa and In all its number forty-six in one day internationals”

Sachin Batting on 99* taps the ball to point for a single
Ravi: “Gets it first man on the planet to reach two hundred and it’s the superman from India. Sachin Tendulkar two hundred from one four seven, Take a bow master “

4. First T20 World Cup winner:
India sent the young team to 2007 World T20 after their disaster ODI world cup, nobody would have expected that India will go on to win the world cup but that’s what happened. Ravi Shastri was yet again cherishing those moments with his epic voice.
12 to win 5 balls Misbah hits a Six
Ravi: “In the air, this is six it’s a magnificent strike lands just in front of the sight screen “

6 to win 4 balls and Misbah plays that famous scoop shot
Ravi: “In the air Sreesanth takes it, INDIA win unbelievable scenes here, Jeff Lawson can’t believe it. The Players have stunned and India would believe they got out of a corner, Misbah ul haq doesn’t want to leave the field “

5. World Cup win after 28 years:
2011 World cup in India, there was so much buzz around this tournament huge expectation on India to lift the world cup. As expected, it was India who went on to win the world which left billion people in tears when Dhoni hits that winning six. Ravi Shastri voice after that six is still echoing on most of the people mind. Let’s relive the moment again.
India needs 5 in 12 balls to lift the word cup
Ravi: “Everyone now just about beginning to clear their throats and there will be a lot of thirsty people around in minute’s time. India two hundred and seventy for four, five runs to win a world cup”
Yuvraj hits the single
Ravi: “Takes the single so Dhoni has a chance of finishing things off. India one hit away from winning the world cup “
Dhoni hits the six to win the world cup

Ravi: “ Dhoniii finishes off in style a magnificent strike into the crowd, INDIA lift the world cup after 28 years, The party start at the dressing room and it’s an Indian captain whose been absolutely magnificent in the night of the finals “

That’s end of Ravi Shastri orgasm on every India’s best moment he has the been the luckiest charm for India. Indian fans badly missing him in the commentary box, hopefully when India announce the head coach for West Indies series in June he might be back in the mic to provide us memorable moments again.

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