IPL 2018 Auction Policy

Indian Premier League 2018 Auction

Yesterday, IPL Governing Council announced the guidelines for retention. So, let’s look at how this retention policy actually works.

What is 2018 Retention Policy?

As per the 2018 retention policy, franchises can retain a maximum of 5 players. Retention can be done with pre-auction retention and Right to Match (RTM) Cards. The team can retain players in any combination they want. The team can use either option for a maximum of three times. So for example if one team retain only 2 players in pre-auction retention, then the team, is going into the main auction with three RTM Cards. If a team doesn’t retain any player in pre-auction retention, then also they are going with three RTM Cards into the main auction.

How Retention Policy works?

If the franchise retains three players: The cost of players will be Rs 15 crore, Rs 11 crore and Rs 7 crore respectively. The money — Rs 33 crore — will be deducted from their auction purse.

If the franchise retains two players: The cost will be Rs 12.5 crore and Rs 8.5 crore respectively. Rs 21 crore will be deducted from their auction purse.

If the franchise retains one player: The cost will be Rs 12.5 crore. The money will be deducted from franchise’s auction purse.

Retention of an uncapped player will cost Rs 3 crore, which again will be deducted from franchise’s auction purse.

How RTM works?

RTM gives the team owners an opportunity to retain players by matching their auction price. For instance, a player say, M.S. Dhoni comes up for auction. Once the final bid has been made and there are no further bids for Dhoni, the auctioneer announces him as sold. This is where the right to match card comes into play. The auctioneer now asks Dhoni’s old team CSK, if they wish to use their card and retain Dhoni. If CSK decide to use the card then Dhoni joins his former team at the final price he commands in the auction.

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