Is Kumble Right Choice For Indian Coach?

“A good coach will make his players see what they can be, rather than what they are”
This is the first time BCCI is took a lot of time in appointment of coach. Every team requires a good coach to work along with the players.
India’s poor performances under Greg Chappell in 2007 turned completely upside down under Garry Kirsten in 2011. So coaches do play a important role. I feel Anil Kumble is  the best one suited for the role due to the following reasons.
Kumble, India’s greatest match winner, might lack experience of coaching but there is no doubt in his mentorial credentials. He can handle tough situations very well.
Jumbo was a thinkful bowler and had an engineering mind that analysed every situations with clarity.
Kumble had a character of indepth bravery and resoluteness. No one can forget him bowling with an bandaged broken jaw against west Indies after been hit by ball while batting.

He can handle critics very well. He was often criticised for not spinning the ball like classical leg-spinners. But nothing stopped him from ending as India’s leading wicket taker in ODI and Test. (337 + 619)
Kumble appreciated talents than anyone else could do.
“I played 122 Tests alongside Sachin, I never threatened his place as a batsman but he threatened mine as a bowler.” – Kumble.
Kumble always believed in expression of talents.
“Kumble is my favourite captain. No one backed me like he did. Not even Sourav Ganguly or Dhoni” –  V Sehwag

We can expect  lot of young talents emerging under his coaching.
He was such a selfless player with die-hard attitude. He was so passionate and will fit in the category of Rahul Dravid easily.
Kumble took up the role of mentor for RCB after announcing his IPL retirement in 2012. Later he became mentor for MI in 2013. During his tenure MI won IPL twice and CLt20 once.

Indian Spinners can perform very well in overseas conditions with his guidance. Kumble had an excellent overseas record in latter part of his career. Ashwin, Jadeja, Chahal can shape their bowling under him, very well.
“Ashwin – Jadeja can become as deadly as Kumble – Harbhajan”.
BCCI required a candidates, who had some sort of experience in coaching an ICC member nation. Though Jumbo haven’t coached any side he led india in Tests demonstrating leadership with responsibility. Captaincy brought the best out of him even every time.

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going”

With Champions Trophy round the corner, clearly Kumble can bring the best out of the team and is the best one suited for the role.
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