Joy of Watching the Man of the Moment in Cricket right now!

There is a Joy,There is a Delight,There is a Triumph,There is an Accomplishment,There is a Success When he Bats!

Technically Sound and Ludicrous levels of consistency along with Abnormal levels of class is What makes this man a Star. Infact, a Super Star.

You can explain the batting of Virat Kohli in Many Raving Ways, each one falls behind other just as his innings.When you think we have seen almost the best from this man, he comes up with another Magical WOW Innings!

As they say,The more you Sweat in Peace,the less you bleed in War Virat Kohli gives 120 Percent in his Training.You can witness the Enthusiasm and intensity during fielding,captaining a side or running between the wickets! As the Man himself said in recent interview, It’s a routine job! Eat-Sleep-Train-Repeat! Believe Me,Cricket,to that matter any Professional Sport will not be not as easy as we watch on a television. There is a lot of Pre-production work before the actual game begins! And Yes,Preparation is such a Key in any Sport! In one sentence you can sum it up as failing to prepare is like preparing to fail!!

Kohli’s First boundary on Thursday,which is a back of length came with full flow of his blade which he had easily pierced the Gap between the point and cover region! He stood tall and just timed the ball! When He times the ball there will not be any better sight for a cricket lover!And that shot is a difficult shot for a bottom-handed player. Kohli, being a bottom-handed player had played that shot with ease.Stand-Out Feature of Kohli’s recent Batting heroics is being a bottom handed player he plays all the shots in the book on off side with ease which is a sign that Virat Kohli had broken his limitations and even outstanding thing is that he can play the same ball in two different directions with the same power.

There are some shots which are not easy as they look,like a inside-out cover drive and a wristy flick through midwicket in which Kohli is a Master.It seems even in his dreams,he cannot miss executing those two shots without an error.He can pierce any gap in any direction.And the beauty of Kohli’s Innings is his Wagon-wheel. Most of the runs will be in the Perfect V-region of the ground.

As we all Know, Kohli is always a Monstrous Player when the ball is in his Zone,mainly the Middle and leg stump Line.He Generates Enormous power of the Wrists and in the past 4-5 months he is a Phenomenal Player on the off side as well.It’s not as easy as we say to bowl to this Man.If you bowl full,he may drive along the ground or sometimes,Infact more often he will smack the lofted shots on the off side.If you bowl short ball he will pull you with easy(Mitchell Johnson knows more about it)And forget about bowling on to the pads for this Man.

There are Many Factors at Play.There are many decisions that should be made within some split seconds and Virat Kohli,is making those decisions regarding the footwork and making batting look so thing which we can learn from the Game of Virat Kohli is his Discipline towards the Game. His Consistency,Commitment and Passion are some factors which are pushing the Man for more success.

The bat is his paint brush and the ground his easel.Each stroke Bold,Brilliant and Masterful.We are Watching,Virat Kohli at his imperious best!!

Many More innings to come and Many more victories to Cherish! All the Best Champ.You are certainly bringing the Joy of Watching the Game we Love!

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