Kapil Dev – The Triumphant Indian

“I always breathe Cricket” – Kapil Dev
This article is my small tribute to the Great player who fulfilled the “Dreams of Millions.”
Throughout his career Kapil Dev contributed to the cause of the team with both bat and ball, saving the team from impossible situations. Let’s take a look at his finest Cricketing moments.
Six ! Six ! Six ! Six !
Ind vs Eng, June 30, 1990 Lord’s England
With 9 wickets down, India required 24 runs to save the follow-on.
After playing the first two balls of Eddie Hemming’s over defensively, Kapil lofted the ball over the ropes four times in succession.
Each time the crowd erupted with applause heavier than previous one!
Though India lost the match in the end, Kapil’s four magnificent arcs added another dimension to the Test match.
Kapil’s 4 sixes is still a record for most consecutive sixes in a over in Tests!
Sporting Spirit
Ind Vs Aus, Reliance World Cup, Oct 9, 1987, Chennai
In the 1987 World Cup against Australia, Kapil Dev agreed with the umpires to increase Australia’s total from 268 to 270 as one boundary had mistakenly been marked as 4 instead of 6.The great all-rounder, in a sterling demonstration of sporting spirit, agreed to call it as a six. India went on to lose the game by 1 run.
Kapil Storm
Ind Vs Zim, Prudential World Cup, June 18, 1983 England
India were struggling after reduced to 9 for 4. When Kapil came into bat, it soon became 17 for 5.Then came the best batting performances of his career. Kapil placed his innings perfectly making 175 of just 138 balls.
This is the first century scored by an Indian in  a ODI match. Since BBC was in strike there is no footage available for this match.
Uninterrupted Spell
India vs Australia, Melbourne 1981
In Melbourne India defended 143 to script an enthralling Victoria. Kapil overcame a groin injury to run through the Australian batting line-up and dismissed them for a paltry 83, helping India win the Test match in Australian soil.
It was said that Kapil bowled non stop for 3 hours and finished with 5 for 28 in the uninterrupted spell.
Magic Grab
Ind Vs Wi, Prudential World Cup finals, June 25, 1983
Viv Richards raced to 33 off 27 balls setting India on back foot. But then came the magical moment. He top edged a ball which went miles in the air. Kapil Dev fielding at mid-on began running with his eyes fixed on the ball, taking the catch comfortably in the end. It is rightly called as “the catch that won a World Cup.”
“Kapil’s effort was a perfect exhibition of athleticism, belief and coolness under pressure.”
Champions! Champions! Champions!
Ind Vs Wi, Prudential World Cup finals, June 25, 1983
The mighty West Indies were favourite to make a hat-trick triumph in the World Cup
Clive Lloyd was leading a team filled with explosive batsmen and brutal fast bowlers. On the other end Kapil was leading a relatively inexperienced side.
India just made 183, but thanks to Mohinder Amarnath’s allround performance to guide India to victory. India turned the cricket world upside down by upsetting the invincible West Indies in the final of the World Cup at Lord’s  proving most people wrong.
“The joy of winning the World Cup cannot be compared with any amount of money”
-Kapil Dev
Notable Mentions
Kapil Dev did not miss a single match during his career of 16 years because of an injury. He was also never run out in his 184 Test innings.
Kapil dev is the only player in the history of the Test Cricket to take 400 wickets and score more than 5000 runs.
He had been voted as “Wisden India’s Cricketer of the Century” during 2002, ahead of Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar!
Kapil Dev joined the Indian Territorial Army in 2008 and was honored as a Lieutenant Colonel.
“I think Pride is more important sometimes than making money” – Kapil Dev
Kapil Dev had been always passionate, selfless, irreplaceable and gave his 100 percent every time he came to bat or to bowl.
“In a Nation starving for good fast bowlers and big hitters, Kapil dev is surely a God-Sent player to us!”
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