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On 30th July 2016 Suresh Raina completes 11 years in International cricket and I am going to dedicate this article to all Raina fans as they requested and inspired me to write this.

I am not going to write about his centuries or his fielding or his cricket stats as you can find this anywhere on the internet but I am going to write about something which is difficult to search on the internet.

The one stand out thing Raina has also makes him as most lovable cricketer is his attitude yes I am going to talk about his attitude.

Raina will be the first person to go and appreciate whenever someone takes a wicket and he will hold the bowlers cheeks most of the time as token of appreciation whenever they take a wicket and I am sure every girl feel jealous whenever he do that. He will hug them he will tap on the back and he will keep motivating them if he was mid on or mid off.

If someone does well with fielding Raina will go and tap them even if he is standing totally opposite side from that fielder and no matter how far he is standing if someone deserves a tap on the back for his fielding he will be there as first person.

Please take this habit from Raina and start appreciating whenever someone you know does something or achieves something even if they are your competitor. Start following this and you will see better world around you one year down the line.

Feeling happiness for other achievement is another well know attitude of Raina. Once I saw him celebrating for his team mate century from the Non Striker end even before the batsman who scored century started to celebrate.

Apply this in your life always try to enjoy others success. So when you succeed there will million hands clapping for your success instead of feeling jealous.

Respecting the team mates is something I admire about Raina, When Dhoni retired from Test cricket he posted a selfie with him I saw the wet eyes of Raina and Dhoni also he wore Dhoni Jersey on the field.

No matter how big you reach in life don’t forget the people who helped you to reach there which will help you to stay humble and to keep your feet firmly on the earth.

Raina had a wish to bat for India at number three but when Dhoni asked who is ready to bat down the order he was the only person to agree to bat low. When we appreciate the success of the people we always tend to forget the sacrifices made by others which indirectly helped successful people. He was best team player.

Don’t always look for your own self when you are in situation to sacrifice. If it will make your team or family better be the first person to sacrifice.

If you are Raina fan do apply above things in your life to create better world and I am sure Suresh Raina will be very proud if he hear any such story from his fan in future.

Special thanks to Raina as I have made so many friends on Twitter ( Kathi, Vijay, Preeti, Sakshi, Palku , Vimal, Nadini, Preetha and Meenakshi )  Sorry  If I had missed anyone.

Spread Love and Keep Spreading J

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