Left or Right ?

How many of you can do different things with a different hand? For example can you eat with your left hand and write a letter with your right hand? It seems difficult for many people, but in cricket there are few players who actually do different things with different hands!!! Is this sound weird for you? Have you tried anything like this before? (Try this at your own risk)

Well it’s England’s tour of India is going on so, today we will see both teams players who actual did it or currently doing it.

1. Sourav Ganguly

The name is enough and words are few to describe his immense talent and contribution to the Indian cricket. Ganguly alias Prince, Dada, was more popular because of his aggression, his leadership skills, his ability to take and implement brave decisions makes him India’s most successful and popular captain in that era.
Ganguly was right hand medium pacer and left hand batsman. He took 100 ODI wickets and delivers 110 maiden overs in tests. His best bowling figure in ODI was 16/5 vs Pakistan. I think he underestimate his bowling skills. Ganguly started his career 1992 vs West Indies but soon got dropped but then in 1996 against England he come back like a phoenix in his debut at Lords !! He played over 100 Test matches, over 300 ODI’s that’s says it all.

2. James Anderson

Left hand batsman and most dangerous right hand bowler at the moment. ‘Jimmy’ is not only best bowler but he also adds his contribution with the bat as well. He is not out more than 100 times including Test and One Days. He holds a record of 54 Test innings without a duck. Over a 250 ODI and 450 Test wickets are enough to talk about his bowling skills.
He is a best swing and reverse swing bowler which troubles all the great batsmen. Some of his spells in Ashes series are just unforgettable.

3. Stuart Broad

Every Indian remembers him because of those ‘Yuvraj’s’ special 6 sixes in an over! But after that he recovers well and soon he came back strongly to show his class.
Right arm fast bowler is very good at his left hand batting skills. Highest 99 runs 8th wicket winning partnership with Bopara, 332 runs partnership with Trotting vs Pakistan, hundred at Lords just shows how good he is with the bat as well. In initial days he was opening batsmen but soon he focused on his bowling as he didn’t like to bat for so long. In 2009 Ashes series Broad picks up 5 for 37 in just 12 overs in which he took 4 wickets in just 21 balls!

4. Zaheer Khan

Zaheer Khan is popularly known as ‘Zak’. He was truly best left hand bowler which India could have produced. His stylish jumping swinging bowling action later on became famous as he became India’s most trusted and regular player of the team India. His ability to bowl yorkers at death overs, deceive batsmen by slower ones and most special his reverse swing bowling made him separate from other Indian bowlers. Zaheer faced many leg injuries and that affects his career as well. 21 wickets in 2011 ICC World Cup series helped India to grab the title after 28 years.
His most remembered batting was winning run at Lords in 2002 NatWest series final.That was really special.

5. Suresh Raina

Young, stylish, powerful and handy wicket taker is what makes him team India’s favorite player. Recently he completed his 10 years span of international cricket. Everyone noticed him as he was bright U 19 player which makes easy for him to knock doors of international cricket.
His aggressive batting style, his range of shots, and his fielding skills helped him to conquer place in side. Raina was the first player of team India to score hundred in each format of the game i.e. ODI, Test and T20. He is very good ODI and T20 player but failed to mark his spot in Tests. His strike rate in T20 is 132 which shows how destructive player he his in shorter format of the game.

6. Moeen Ali

Moeen Ali is slowly and steadily making his impact on world cricket. He started his journey through the U 19 team. He soon got the chance in ODI to represent the country in 2014 vs West Indies and four months later in Test cricket.
Currently Moeen Ali is very handy all-rounder along with Ben Stokes. 98 Test wickets in just 37 Test matches is something very special.

7. R.P. Singh

Rudra Pratap Singh was a member of U 19 cricket World Cup of 2004. He made his international debut against Zimbabwe in 2005. He along with Zaheer Khan produced some magical spells but couldn’t continue his performance and results into in and out of the squad.

Right hand batsmen and left hand fast bowler was ‘Man of the match’ award of his very first Test match against Pakistan. He was ‘Purple cap’ winner in IPL season 2. In which he took 23 wickets and helps his team ‘Deccan Chargers’ to win the title. Recently he was part of Gujrat’s Ranji team and contributed to the team to win the title by defeating mighty Mumbai after 66 years!

8. Ben Stokes

New Zealand born player is currently England’s best all-rounder in all formats of the game. Ben Stokes left hand batting skills dominate on his right hand bowling skills. Powerful and innovative shots, ability to bowl yorkers at good speed, and an athletic personality makes him eye catching player in current England’s team.
Stokes made his debut against Ireland in 2011 but he was in and out for his bad attitude and performance. He was ruled out in T20 World Cup which was held in Bangladesh as he shows his disappointment of getting out in dressing room. Few months ago in T20 World Cup final West Indies took puller against England where Ben Stoke’s last over wasn’t enough to cross the bar for England.

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