Lost love for oldest format ?

The cricket itself has changed and even now it in the process of changing further.There were days when people loving ODI’s sitting in front of TV’s for upto 9 hours.As some saying goes Change is the only constant thing in the world.And the most recent innovation of the decade(T20’s) has accelerated the pace of change.
Today’s cricketing Boards clearly failed somewhere to keep the momentum going for the longer formats.They are more focused in the revenue of the game.Everything from broadcasting rights to TV ad’s contribute towards the economy of the board.It will be good if they tend to spent more of that in longer format.But the good thing happened to cricket is T20’s brought new audiences to cricket.Those new cricketing fans don’t understand what test cricket is all about.
We can already see some impacts T20s brought to longer format.Stuffs we see today in test cricket is fast bowlers bowling slow balls and balls meant for T20s.In T20s bowling slow ball for no run is a victory for bowler but not in Tests.
Test cricket is a real test for player.As in test cricket he needs to develop skills,work hard and exploit the conditions perfectly.A 5 wicket haul can bring great joy in test cricket whereas in T20s, in most cases it is the combination of luck and batsmen’s mistake.
So in short T20s brings decent revenue, entertains wider range of audience but lacks the real quality of cricket which the longer format does.

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