MS Dhoni – The Name is Enough

“A perfect smile is too often missing from the faces of the world. If cricket can provide more smiles, it is doing its job.”
– MS Dhoni
Mahendra Singh Dhoni – The name is enough to lit up the heart of Cricket fans. “In a country, where aggressive gestures, glaring eyes and swinging garments meant greatness, Dhoni achieved everything in a calm and composed manner”.
We always say – “Form is temporary, Class is permanent”.This statement does not apply to MSD. He never worries about the form and class. An unorthodox technique, Sharp Brain, supreme belief made him world’s feared batsman.
The first thing I remember about MSD is his Simplicity. One day we can find him having his food sitting on the ground along with players and on another day we can find him having modest haircut in his home, relaxing on a chair with a white barber cape wrapped around himself.
Dhoni always lead from front. When Virat got out in WC11 finals everyone expected Yuvi to walk out. But promoting himself above the order MSD broke the boundaries of boldness. A quick dismissal would have ended in a unimaginable extreme, in such a Cricket-crazy country. In 2014, during India’s tour of England, he displayed his mental strength. MSD walked down the pitch, defended lot of balls, took a lot of body blows and most importantly left a lot of balls alone. He spent close to twenty hours on the pitch in the five Test matches and showed that mental resolve can even take care of poor techniques.
Dhoni might have ninety-nine problems but absorbing pressure isn’t one of them. In fact, no one in the cricket world can absorb pressure like what Dhoni does.“I have played under so many captains but when it comes to remaining cool and delivering under pressure, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the best. I have not seen anyone who can remain so cool under pressure” – Ashish Nehra.
The only thing more aggressive than his his batting must be his interviews during post-match conferences. He is well known to rip apart journalist when questions go out of control.
The thing I loved the most with Dhoni is his patriotism. He always spends time with Indian Army. He travels with camouflage bags, wears camouflage gloves, showing his tribute to armed forces.“I love my country. I tell my wife she is only the third most important thing after my country and my parents, in that order.” – Ms Dhoni
Msd is a qualified paratrooper. As part of the training, he completed his first parachute jump from an Indian Air Force aircraft. Dhoni is an honorary lieutenant colonel in the Parachute Regiment of Indian Territorial army.
“It’s a real honour as I always wanted to be part of the Indian Army. It’s something that I always wanted to achieve as a kid and now that I have donned the olive greens, my dream has been fulfilled,” – MS Dhoni
With MSD in the Twilight of his career, it isn’t good to rush his retirement. Cricket without his finishes, calmness is tough to imagine.
But no matter what phase he is in, Dhoni is someone who I can proudly point to and say, He is my role model”.
Dhoni always lives a life on his own terms. The success of his cricket is not just of his unique technique, or his cricket brain or his undeniably good luck. It is his belief in his own abilities that has brought him this far. MSD the name represents something that is beyond number and that is HOPE!
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