MS Dhoni – The Success Story

“As i walked the path, the journey became my life”- MS Dhoni. From the journey of agressive long haired boy to mature, responsible grey bearded transition instills nothing but inspiration and optimism.
Create Luck By Hardwork
Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the words that would come from mind will be Luck, Luck, Luck! But it wasn’t so, he was not just picked from league Cricket and was given a place in Indian team. He was someone who came up through the ranks, having played all levels of domestic cricket before making his debut. It is funny when luck is ascribed to most of Dhoni’s victories, because luck has not always been his best friend.
Keep Challenging Yourself
Mahi’s career would have bloomed earlier if there had been better Cricket administration.
When MSD was included for the first time in Duleep Trophy, the news came late and he raced against clock to reach in time. He was not able to reach his team in time for the first match due to car breakdown. But he travelled with the team to Pune for the second match against West Zone. He was 12th man in that match, but had at least one dream fulfilled. Sachin Tendulkar, who scored a match-winning 199 not out for West Zone, asked for some water from Dhoni during a drinks break. Considering the need for Wicket-keepers for India at that time Dhoni could have easily earned a place with good performance. But he had to wait yet again for 3 years to earn a spot in Indian team.
Compromise Intelligently
From there, MS grew from strength to strength. However he realised that he needed a job to sustain his family. In 2000 he took up the job of Train Ticket Examiner upto 2003. This was a good decision because he could evolve himself as a better Cricketer with the Indian Railway Cricket Team. It always take a little push to achieve great in life!
Be Passionate
Translating Passion into Profession isn’t that easy. Clearly more than academics, Dhoni has benefitted from his passion for sports. In fact, he got his railway job because of cricket. “We are a middle-class family and my luck to have some talent as a sportsman meant I qualified for a Sports Quota. This gave me a proper job, for life had I wanted it, and it allowed me to earn some money, gain some life experience but also to focus on cricket. I thought I was reasonably good but didn’t think I would get this far.” – MS Dhoni. Everything is possible if you are driven by passion.
Know Your Inspiration
The kind of inspiration we choose in life has a great impact on us.The day your name is mentioned in the same way as your hero, you’ve bridged the gap between dream and reality. Dhoni dedicated his maiden ODI century to his huge inspiration Adam Gilchrist. “The best compliment for me is when someone says they’ll pay to watch me play, and I can say that I’ll pay to watch MS Dhoni bat.” – Adam Gilchrist
Be Honest
Dhoni is a honest leader. He takes up all responsibility for the losses of team and whenever his team is successful, never takes the centrestage. Even if he played a central role in the victory, you will find him in the sidelines, enjoying his teammates celebrating.
“I am waiting for the day you say, yeah I did well”. – Harsha Bhogle. This sums up everything. His biopic will unfold much more excitements and a fascinating journey from Ranchi to World Domination.
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