MSD Top 10 Moments

10) smartest wicket Keeping
VIVO IPL8, Punjab vs Pune Match, April 18, 2016
The incident happened in the 9th over the match. KXIP batsman Manan Vohra was batting and he looked to guide a ball by left-arm spinner Ankit Sharma down the third man. Since Dhoni’s hands were behind the ball to collect it if the batsman missed or edged the ball, he stuck out his right leg to stop the shot and prevented it from running to the boundary.
It was a brilliant display of anticipation and presence of mind that saved four runs for his team.
9) Dhoni shows off his football skills again
Apr 22, 2016 – VIVO IPL 2016, RPS vs RCB
Dhoni’s snazzy football skills made a reappearance on Friday night. After Virat Kohli played a similar late dab off R Ashwin, Dhoni pulled off a similar save, lifting his right leg and stopping the ball with his pad.
He then flashed a big smile at Kohli.
8) Bringing his street-smart side
Mahendra Singh Dhoni kept for a few deliveries without pads as he gave his gear to Ajinkya Rahane standing at silly mid-off against Ravichandran Ashwin in the World Cup match against West Indies.
It was one of the rarest of instances, when a wicketkeeper kept wickets without wearing the protection for legs. For four deliveries, Dhoni was without pads as he gave his to Rahane fielding at silly point.
7) The 183 smash
Sri Lanka tour of India, 3rd ODI: India v Sri Lanka at Jaipur, Oct 31, 2005
298 looked a massive total when the chase started.But thanks to some scintillating stroke play from Dhoni India have reached the target in just 46.1 overs.
Dravid took a gamble by sending in Dhoni and he hit the jackpot. This now is the highest score by a wicket-keeper in ODIs beating Gilchrist’s 172!
6) Dhoni blasts Chennai to semi-finals
Indian Premier League, 54th match: Kings XI Punjab v Chennai Super Kings at Dharamsala, Apr 18, 2010
A pumped-up MS Dhoni showed why he’s one of the great finishers in the game.
MSD blasted 30 runs in the final two overs to ensure Chennai Super Kings would contest an IPL semi-final for the third season in a row.
5) Bangladesh was almost over the line. Then “Dhoni” happened.
India vs Bangladesh, WorldCup T20 2016, March 24, 2016
After 39.5 overs of a game that swung from one extreme to the other.Dhoni collected the ball, sprinted towards the wickets and threw them down.Dhoni beat both Mustafizur and Bangladesh by just a few inches, perhaps centimetres.
Well that one hand without glove for the final ball should be remembered in History as “Hand of God” in Cricket.
4) Dhoni’s “Flash” stumping
India vs Bangladesh, WorldCup T20 2016, March 24, 2016
Perhaps this must be the turning point of the match.
MS Dhoni pulled off yet another lightning stumping in the T20 World Cup, dismissing Sabbir Rahman off the bowling of Suresh Raina in the crunch clash against Bangladesh
3) Ticket Collector to Trophy Collector
ICC Champions Trophy, Final: England v India at Birmingham, Jun 23, 2013
It was a battle that went to the wire as India hung on to their nerves to beat England in the Champions Trophy 2013 final.
“we are the No. 1-ranked team, let’s play like that”-MSD
With this win Dhoni became the only captain to have won all three major ICC trophies
2) World Cup for ” Sachin”
Cricket World Cup, Final: India v Sri Lanka at Mumbai, Apr 2, 2011
Dhoni hit an unbeaten 91 from 79 balls to steer India to glory against Sri Lanka in the 2011 World cup final
“In the dressing room, everyone was crying. And everybody means everybody , all the 15 players, the support staff and everyone else associated with the team. In that sense, we really connected in the World Cup” – Dhoni
1) It Began Here
ICC World Twenty20, Final: India v Pakistan at Johannesburg, Sep 24, 2007
Over the years, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has become an enigma, and more often than not, whatever he has touched has turned into gold. Today, we all know that the Indian skipper trusts his instinct under precarious circumstances, and it all began in the final of inagural edition of the ICC World T20, where he asked an unheralded Joginder Sharma to bowl the final over against Pakistan. The rest is history.
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