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My Story with 2002 Natwest Finals

13th July 2002 I was 16 years old and its a day i cherish forever. Yes I was watching the 2002 Natwest Series finals on Black and white TV in my home. On those days mostly India will reach finals but kept losing in the finals, So i prayed this shouldn’t be another finals.

The match Started early evening and i sat near TV set since the toss and there were no friends with me and i was watching alone. It was England who won the toss and elected to Bat first. India took the early wicket but that was the last laugh I had in first innings as Trescothick and Hussain were smoking Indian bowling attack both reached centuries. When Hussain reached century he was showing his Jersey number 3 which was written behind the shirt to the dressing room, I believe he was proving that he can bat at number 3.

England posted mammoth 325 runs on the board and unlike today chasing 300+ on those days was not a joke. India opened with Dada and Sehwag it was blazing start from India they were smashing England bowlers all over the park and the pair added 100+ in 14 overs before Dada fell. Its when my hopes were started to dipping a bit.

Once Dada got out India were kept losing wickets even Sachin who came at no.4 lost his wicket with unusual shot. India were reeling at 146/5 and I lost hope completely Switched off the Tv as soon as Sachin got out. Then few mins later switched on the TV to check the score but what i saw surprised me. Two young Indians Kaif and Yuvi were playing smart cricket. They made sure that India not losing wickets at the same time they kept getting the much needed boundaries every over.

Yuvi Got out in 42nd over but he brought Indian team to the winning position and once he got out Kaif took over the responsibility and he batted sensibly with lower order batsman. Last ball of 49th Over Kaif got the luck boundary in third man and i was jumping with the Joy. There come final over nervous, Zaheer pushed the ball to the covers and India took extra run with over throws which scripted one of the most terrific win in Indian history.

What followed after the win showed the world Indians also can give it back when dada removed his shirt and waved furiously from Lord’s Balcony and at that time Indian flag also flying high at the Lord’s Stadium. This victory injected the fearless nature to the Indian cricket team and special thanks to Dada for creating such a team.

Even i was over the moon when India scored the winning run as i ran out of home and I was rolling on the floor punched on the air also saying ” yes yes yes ” all this happened around 11 clock Indian time when the entire city was sleeping i was doing all the crazy stuffs. Golden days indeed.

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