Street Cricket

Street Cricket rules

Last week i tweeted asking what is your favorite street cricket rules and got 100+ response which made me to write this article.

Yes across the world there are numerous rules followed in street and backyard cricket then i thought why don’t we collate all the rules at one place and it will be fun reading also nostalgia. Lets relive the childhood days.

Here is the list Street Cricket rules followed across the world.

1. Toss: Plain or mountain
2. Toss: In or out
3. Toss: Wet or dry
4. Toss: Numbers under the bat
5. Toss: Someone will have to bend to decide the number
6. The one brings bat will bat first
7. Bowling, Under arm and over arm bowling
8. First ball out trial
9. If you hit Six you are OUT
10.The last man can bat as single
11.Can have substitute runners for batsmen
12.Eligibility – LKG to 50 yrs
13.switching over the team who is batting 1st. After my batting is over asking excuse that my mom calling me for a urgent work so I have to leave.
14.Baby over
15.One pitch catch out ..use only one hand.
16.Joker: Odd player will play for both the side
17.If you miss three consecutive balls then you are out
18.If ball will touch certain heights at surrounded walls batsmen should go out
19.Touches on tree considered as pitch… So not out
20.Whoever hits the ball to strict aunt/uncle house then that person should go and get the ball.
21.Why did you not say ‘T.P.( time, please)? So, you are out!
22.Ball has gone to first floor! You’re out!!
23.Wall catch, Tree Catch.
24.If you bowl your first over for a maiden or get the star batsman out, you definitely are gonna bowl another over.
25.Those who open the innings will not get to bowl first over
26.If we leave three ball continuously according to rules it is out but at the third ball we will say that we nicked the ball.
27.Winning team to bat first
29.We can say “Not ready” when we get out
30.After we hit the ball, we must run soon or the runs won’t be given.
31.If your bat touches the ball you have to run.
32.If ball directly hits the glass then out
33.If ball crosses certain distance then you will be awarded 1 to 4 runs based on the distance and you don’t have to run.
34.The one bats and leaves will not be included in the team next time.
35.Only Leg side runs or Only off side runs
36.Back side no runs
37.When keeper is changing he/she should say keeper change
38.If the team is one batsman short then the star batsman can bat with the left hand if he is right hand batsman and vice versa
39.Stumps can be wall, Stick or Stone.
40.Ball can be tennis ball, paper ball, plastic ball and rubber ball.
41.If batting team is taking care the keeping then wicket keeper doesn’t have the power to dismiss the batsman.
42.When we nick we will say its bat grip sound.
43.No LBW but if the ball hits below leg twice then its out.
44.If opponent team short of fielder then batting can send the fielder and he rarely catches the ball.
45.Everyone will do the captain job.
46.Rain or bad light the game will continue until it gets over.
47.During rainy season if someone hits the ball towards stagnant water then he is out.
48.Play stops due to wet ball and not due to wet pitch but will be resumed soon.
49.Everyone will bowl.
50.Fielders decide where they want to field and not the captain.

I have tried to pen all the rules but i am sure would missed some. Please leave comment if anything new you can add in the above list.

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