Three for the future

From last two years I am following IPL & India Domestic Cricket (Ranji Trophy, Vijay Hazare Trophy, Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy) quite closely. Good news is that plethora of young talent is available & more of same is coming.

Here is my pick, three player who I believe can serve Indian cricket in long time:
Karun Nair – He is young, aggressive, bold yet calm character. He caries with in himself the ability to play the role of innings builder as well as of providing finishing touch. The best thing about Nair is he wants to learn more & more. There is no doubt that Nair has benefited from playing in the IPL, playing under mentor-ship of Rahul Dravid has taught Nair how to take control of the situations. In recent times Nair has also started to bowl 5-6 overs playing for India A, with India searching for 3 dimensional players will be another factor that will help Nair to emerge himself. Overall a brilliant athlete who always back himself in tough situations Nair is going in right direction.
Kuldeep Yadav – Its not every day that great Sunil Gavaskar sees a player & says that Indian selectors must keep an eye on a particular player but Kuldeep Yadav has fallen in this category. Kuldeep has rare art of chinaman bowling, the legbreak which goes away form left-hander. He is a canny bowler who mixes it up quite well – wrong’un, topspin, slider. More over he has got a great control over his all variations. It is belief that IPL and T-20 leagues does not encourages spinner to ball some air.  The perception is not correct in case of Kuldeep Yadav. What ever opportunities he has got in IPL he has done well. Kuldeep  has benefited, not suffered from, the presence of Brad Hogg in his IPL franchise KKR. A good domestic season will help him to make breakthrough in the Indian team.
Sarfaraz Khan – It may sound immature but Sarfaraz Khan has got credentials of that of Ab de Villiers. In his mini IPL career he has played the role of finisher. Someone who will come in towards the back end will play cheeky shots & will make a V behind the wicket but mind you he is not limited to that. Sarfaraz can adapt himself in different situations & in varying conditions. Sarfaraz finished as the second-highest run-scorer in the Under-19 World Cup in Bangladesh, with 355 runs from six matches, often rescuing India from bad starts.
Each of three Karun Nair, Kuldeep Yadav, & Sarfaraz Khan are going in right directions & IPL is becoming best learning school for them.
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