Top 5 Fielders at Present

                                                                                                           TOP FIVE BEST FIELDERS AT PRESENT

In those 70s, 80s only batsmen and bowlers can win you the games. Then, there came Peregrine falcon (fastest bird) from South Africa – Johnty Rodes. He made the revolution in Cricket, winning games by his acrobatics in the field. Then, there came lot of good fielders in cricket, as fielding has been evolved in late 90s & 2000s. Ponting, Symonds, Collingwood, Kaif, Dilshan, Gibbs are notable among them.

Here, I have picked top five fielders from the pool of best fielders at present (in last 4-5 years)

  1. Glenn Maxwell

All rounder from Victoria, he is popularly known as ‘Big show’ for his big hitting abilities. He is an electrifying athlete in the field as well. Generally, fielding at long on, deep mid wicket, midwicket, cow corner positions. His stunning catch at deep midwicket to dismiss Plunkett was on of the best catches of 2015. He is too good in ground fielding and can make run outs from any positions with his bullet arm. His brilliant run out to dismiss MSD in semi final of CWC2015, took his team to final.

  1. Kieron Pollard

Carribbean side has lot of finest fielders in the name of Darren Sammy, Dwayne Bravo, Lendl Simmons, Andre Russel & this giant has slightly edged over them. If you search best catches of all time, you will find atleast one from Pollard. His catch to dismiss Cooper on IPL 2014 & catch to dismiss Maxwell at Canberra were the bests among his extraordinary catches in field.

  1. Steve Smith

Australian skipper is currently in his prime form with the bat. But he came to his side for his leg spin and spectacular fielding. Later, he dropped his leg spin but not his fielding. He can pull off unbelievable catches in any part of the ground, as he is such a terrific fielder in all positions. You need some special efforts with the bat, to make the ball cross over him.

  1. Suresh Raina

If you want to rate the best fielders of all time, you still can find his name in that. In India, he is one among the best two fielders as another one is his UP mate Md Kaif.  He is favourite fielder of fielding legend Jonty Rhodes, shows how quality he is. He is most energetic and busy player in the field, always loves the ball to come in his way. Like Smith, he is brilliant in all parts of the ground.

  1. AB deVilliers

You can hardly find any best list in cricket (barring bowling) without the name of South African Superman. Best batsman of this generation, who is always known for his 360* batting. He is equally impressive with the fielding. He is lightning quick in the field, can stop the ball at long on, by running from Deep extra cover (He holds the record of the fastest 100mtr time in South Africa junior athletics). Being a master in too many sports, the man from another planet can pull off blinders effortlessly…



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