What a finish of IPL9

There is no justice in this world; not for poor, not for deprived and especially not for a bowler in T20 cricket. IPL 9 was proving no different. It started with a bang for batmen and even scores of 170 and 190 were easily chased. Win the toss and chase the target was mantra of IPL 9. For the first time since the start of IPL, the team batting second won more than twice number of matches than the team batting first. Bowlers were playing part of villain who were supposed to be thrashed by heroes i.e batsmen. Even world class bowlers were toyed by rookie batsmen. Ashwin was honked for sixes by every batsmen who were supposed to be no one in cricketing world. How bad IPL 9 was for bowlers can be construed from the fact that Purple Cap holder of IPL 9 has least number of wickets compared to purple cap holders of all previous IPLs. Sixes and fours were raining, centuries were being made by batsmen and bowlers looked helpless and hapless.World seemed to be ending for bowlers. Pitches like Chinnaswamy and Wankhade were turned into graveyard for bowlers and then the final of IPL 9 happened.

IPL 9 final started on an unusual note, captain of Sunrisers disregarded the mantra of IPL 9 i.e win the toss and bowl first and it was even more surprising that he opted to do so on a Bangalore Pitch where any score can be chased. He didn’t care about stats screaming on his face that out of 59 matches played before the final, 41 has been won by team batting second. Everybody was surprised by Warner’s decision of batting first. Kohli even went on to say that Had he known that Warner would opt to bat first, he wouldn’t have come for toss. Amid all this, there was unflinching trust of Warner in his bowlers. He didn’t care that Kohli, the master chaser, is in ominous form, he didn’t care that RCB have most brutal batting line up waiting to pounce upon bowlers on a docile Bangalore pitch. He just didn’t care, he put trust in this theory of putting runs on scoreboard in knockout matches and then trusting his bowlers to defend it.

Soon after the start of match, it seemed certain that Warner’s decision to bat first will backfire as batsmen piled on runs and pitch looked yet another graveyard for bowlers. Although Sunrisers put 208 run on board but it was not safe considering the pitch and form of Bangalore batsmen. As soon as RCB started batting, it looked another day of injustice for bowlers. Gayle dispatched ball out of ground with ease and RCB completed 100 runs in just 9 over. Even after departure of Gayle, there was no respite for bowlers as Virat took the charge. When Virat Kohli departed in 13th over, RCB just needed 69 runs in 7.1 overs. It was by no means tough task in T20 cricket. This seemed just another day of injustice for bowlers, another day when bowlers are supposed to be playing role of villain and buried under the famous graveyard pitch of Bangalore. It seemed to be going all wrong for yet another day for bowlers and then something clicked, there was sudden change in momentum of game. AB de Villiers, the weapon of bowlers’ destruction was back in pavilion along with Watson and KL Rahul. Justice for bowlers seemed to be in reach and Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mustafizur and Ben Cutting didn’t disappoint. In a pressure cooker situation, they kept clam and used slower balls, cutters and yorkers with precision. Their guile with ball was enough to stifle chase of RCB and cut short their dream of lifting IPL trophy in their backyard. Sunrisers’ bowlers grabbed victory not for only their team but also for all the bowlers who suffered at the hand of batsmen because of flat pitches; broader and powerful bats and the rules tilted in favour of batsmen.
What a day it was day to get the justice. On the big final day of IPL 9 , on a flat pitch, against most brutal batting line up, bowlers come triumph. Finally, in an era where bowlers are forced to carry only knives when batsmen have luxury of carrying cannons,  justice was being served for bowlers, at least for a day. What a finish of IPL 9 it was.

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